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Branding Your Company to Achieve Success

Build your brand to drive product sales. You are selling a brand, not just a product.

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From Concept to Culmination: Blaze a Trail in the Natural Foods Industry

The Food & Beverage Industry throughout the world, and especially in America, is a dynamic and important place to make your mark.  Everyone needs and enjoys good food, and in a day and age where processing, chemical farming practices, dangerous additives, and genetic modification of our foods flood the market the demand for Natural Products has never been greater.  In fact, the Natural Products Industry has grown double digits each year since its inception over 25 years ago while the mainstream food industry struggles with low single digit growth.

Epicurean Sales, Inc. provides Brand Management, Sales Management, Master Brokering, and Consulting services. We cater to companies of all sizes, from start-ups that haven’t yet established a brand, to multi-million dollar businesses.  We help establish and build brands; target growth to maximize your budget and maximize profitability; develop sales programs and strategies to achieve growth goals; establish and manage national or regional sales/broker networks; and more.  We offer a menu of services to meet your needs and can be involved in your business on all levels on a day to day basis, or help focus on specific areas such as brand development, sales management, consulting, and coaching.

Though natural food products are in high demand, your products will never get off the ground if no one knows what your company has to offer.  Becoming recognizable among consumers and retailers takes branding.   Branding is our specialty!  Our team of dedicated and inspired professionals is ready to propel your company to success or take your company to the next level of success.

Establish a Firm Foundation:
If carried our correctly building your brand works in two distinct ways. First of all, you’re in competition with a number of other companies, so you’ve got to set yourself apart from the rest.  Properly expressing what you are about to your target audience establishes trust and their confidence is what will drive them to seek out your products specifically.  Secondly, when public interest is peaked, retailers will take notice of the growing demand for your products and strive to get them on their store shelves.  We will help you develop your company’s overall identity as well as its all-powerful image and use those to your advantage.

Build on that Platform:
There is a lot involved to sell your products into stores including managing the associated expense of meeting retailer requirements to put your products on their shelves.  Everyone wants to get their products onto the shelves of all of the retailers across the country, and internationally, but there are costs associated with such product placement.  Epicurean Sales will guide you to direct the placement at retailers to gain the maximum effectiveness of your budget.  While every retailer is important some are easier to work with, less expensive to work with, drive more sales, or can help raise the awareness of your brand more than other retailers.

Opening New Doors for your Company:
The evolution of your brand will lead retailers to seek out your products and any new products you introduce.  A strong sales team is imperative in supporting the initial and ongoing growth of your brand.  Regional and National Brokers have strong relationships with large and small retailers and can help focus the attention of retail buyers to your products.  It is important to match the right Brokers to your brand and direct them accordingly to get the most out of retail opportunities.  Epicureans Sales has well-established relationships with Brokers throughout the country as well as longstanding relationships directly with retailers and distributors.  In working with you and your company we will develop strong sales presentations and insure your products get in front of the right buyers at the right time.

What We Do:
The joy of creating safe, healthy food options unites everyone in the natural foods industry.  This is what leads us to helping companies like yours make a name for themselves. We take struggling companies and heal them, young companies and grow them, and guide well-established companies to new levels.  Epicurean Sales will emphasize your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, and give you the tools you need to succeed no matter what your end goals may be.


I've worked with Adam for several years now. His experience and knowledge of the specialty food business has had a tremendous impact on my business. He possesses by the ability to help you strategically as well as the on the ground execution to help you get your product on the shelves. Additionally, Adam is a great guy and most importantly he is... Todd Kelly, Owner, Better Together Brownies
Our Among Friends team has been working with Adam Schneider for approximately 6 months. In this short amount of time, he's been integral in changing our business in a very positive way. He has helped strengthen our brand by focusing on our brand's unique attributes. Adam's deep roots in the industry and his relationships with buyers and brokers is... Suzie Miller, Co-Founder, Among Friends Baking Mixes


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