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Branding Your Company to Achieve Success

Walk into a grocery store and it seems there are products everywhere stating they are all-natural, healthy, and organic. Consumers often read these labels but never understand the differences between the various terms. Honestly, most consumers aren't worried about these guidelines. They simply want to know their food is safe and healthy. When they see a brand they know and trust, they feel confident buying the item. For this reason, companies need to develop a brand that is easily recognized and builds this trust with consumers. For those organizations finding it difficult to do so, a Brand Manager can be of help.

A Brand Manager knows about the product category and  target audience, retailer and consumer. What exactly do they consider value in a product? Are they simply looking for organic items or do they want more? This information is essential if one wants to build a successful brand, as it sets the tone and reach for marketing campaigns. The brand helps to build a connection between the business and consumers, but only when it targets the right individuals, and a Brand Manager understands this.

The brand must be unique. Some of the most successful brands become the identifier of the product, defining the brand as the item.  For example, when your or your child gets a scrape or cut, do you apply a Band Aid, or an adhesive bandage?  A Band Aid, of course.  But do you realize that Band Aid is a brand of adhesive bandages?  Or Kleenex for facial tissue?  Businesses need to find a way to make their business stand out in this manner, regardless of what industry they are in. When a company finds a way to do so, they find awareness of their products increases and sales go up.  

When you have a successful brand it's easier to build on that brand because retailers and consumers will be more attracted to any items under your brand than they might be of an unknown brand.  New items are more likely to sell because retailers and consumers want your new product becasue of the success of your existing products.

As a Brand Manager we understand the  aspects of branding natural and organic food products. Epicurean Sales helps clients recognize they aren't actually selling their products, but the brand as a whole, thus the brand itself needs to be the main focus. We evaluate everything from messaging to product labeling to ensure they are presenting the brand in the best light and develop strategies to maximize brand exposure through the sales of individual products. Contact us today so we can begin improving your brand and seeing your products on store shelves everywhere.


I've worked with Adam for several years now. His experience and knowledge of the specialty food business has had a tremendous impact on my business. He possesses by the ability to help you strategically as well as the on the ground execution to help you get your product on the shelves. Additionally, Adam is a great guy and most importantly he is... Todd Kelly, Owner, Better Together Brownies
Our Among Friends team has been working with Adam Schneider for approximately 6 months. In this short amount of time, he's been integral in changing our business in a very positive way. He has helped strengthen our brand by focusing on our brand's unique attributes. Adam's deep roots in the industry and his relationships with buyers and brokers is... Suzie Miller, Co-Founder, Among Friends Baking Mixes


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