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Brand Managers are more important today than they have ever been. Even as the general population becomes more educated about the dangers of chemically-laden food products, it appears that many manufacturers are continuing to add dangerous fillers and use GMO growing methods in their product ingredients. Brand Managers help you sort through what is "good" and what is not to be considered a "Natural" ingredient.  And while the definition of Natural is still ambiguous legally there are specific standards help by key retailers that will define your product as Natural or not.. Of course, there are also many companies that are looking for a way to break into this busy market. Being able to stand out from the crowd requires a clear plan and professional guidance.

Once a product has achieved its first level of success, it becomes necessary to expand further. For many, this means finding a brand manager that can expand their customer base beyond their neighborhood or even their home country.  Gaining space on grocery shelves in large chain stores is difficult for any company to achieve on their own. With the advice and guidance of Epicurean Sales any company can gain success as a start-up, or build on their previous success to take their brand further than they may have thought possible.





I've worked with Adam for several years now. His experience and knowledge of the specialty food business has had a tremendous impact on my business. He possesses by the ability to help you strategically as well as the on the ground execution to help you get your product on the shelves. Additionally, Adam is a great guy and most importantly he is... Todd Kelly, Owner, Better Together Brownies
Our Among Friends team has been working with Adam Schneider for approximately 6 months. In this short amount of time, he's been integral in changing our business in a very positive way. He has helped strengthen our brand by focusing on our brand's unique attributes. Adam's deep roots in the industry and his relationships with buyers and brokers is... Suzie Miller, Co-Founder, Among Friends Baking Mixes


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