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As your contract Sales Management Company Epicurean Sales, Inc. will create effective sales programs and execute them with Distributors, Retailers, and Brokers to provide the optimal results for your company.  The goal is to minimize the expense of Distributor and Retailer programs while maximizing the effectiveness of those programs.  And we need to get the most out of our Brokers in support of programs at Distributors and Retailers in order for them to be truly effective.  All towards the goal of building sales while maintaining, and even increasing profitability.

For example, when it comes to dealing with Distributors it’s not just sales they care about.  These days most distributors care more about program participation to generate ancillary revenue than they do the actual sales of your products.  This is because they’ve offered low, cost-plus pricing to key retail chains that make-up over two-thirds of their business, so they don’t make a lot of money from sales.  Yes, you have to meet a minimum sales level to maintain distribution, but they also expect every Vendor to participate in their programs on some level.    Since we have to participate in distributor programs we want to be sure to choose the most effective programs that target sales growth with the lowest financial impact.  Our experience working with Distributors and dealing with these programs will insure the best possible outcome for your company while satisfying the needs of each distributor.

Each Retailer also has their own programs that can be an effective way to partner and build sales.  We evaluate these programs and create and manage a cost-effective plan to maximize sales with each specific retailer, and as a whole.  We also work with you on creating promotional budgets, for each retailer, and as a whole, so we can manage costs effectively while building sales.  Then evaluate the effectiveness of each promotion to determine where we get the most for our money. The goal is to maximize sales while minimizing the cost of sales.  Everything we do with each retailer is a piece of a whole, we have to look at each of the pieces as well as the whole, and determine how programs are working individually and together.

Brokers are a very big part of an effective sales program.  Each Broker should be an expert in their region that we can use to understand the nuances of each region and maximize regional sales.  Brokers are also an important part in providing retail sales support to insure the highest level of program participation at store level.  We need to manage Brokers effectively to get the most out of the services they offer.  Brokers are only as good as the tools and guidance a Vendor provides.  We will make sure your company provides the appropriate tools to the Brokers and insure that Broker efforts on your behalf are maximized.

Sales Analysis is an important part of consulting and sales management.  We can evaluate your current sales and work with you to create sales goals, and put programs in place to achieve those goals.  We can work with you to dissect sales numbers to determine areas where extra attention needs to be paid, or where specific actions need to be taken to address specific issues.  We want to continually monitor as much information as we can get our hands on whether it is tracking distributor purchase orders, getting the right distributor sales reports (and managing any associated costs), running appropriate Retailer portal data, evaluating the value of paid reports such as SPINS, and getting Broker reports and audits on placement, pricing, and promotional execution.  The idea is not to put a program in place and hope it works, it is to continually monitor programs for effectiveness and insure we are on track to achieve our goals.


I've worked with Adam for several years now. His experience and knowledge of the specialty food business has had a tremendous impact on my business. He possesses by the ability to help you strategically as well as the on the ground execution to help you get your product on the shelves. Additionally, Adam is a great guy and most importantly he is... Todd Kelly, Owner, Better Together Brownies
Our Among Friends team has been working with Adam Schneider for approximately 6 months. In this short amount of time, he's been integral in changing our business in a very positive way. He has helped strengthen our brand by focusing on our brand's unique attributes. Adam's deep roots in the industry and his relationships with buyers and brokers is... Suzie Miller, Co-Founder, Among Friends Baking Mixes


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